Teign Housing completed a procurement exercise and selected Civica’s CX product but did not have the resources or the experience in implementing Cx required to deliver the project.


Due to our experience in not only delivering major system implementations, but also with our specialist knowledge of the Civica Cx system, we were asked to assist Teign in a number of areas, including:

  • Project Governance;
  • Colleague Engagement;
  • Critical Friend and Quality Assurance;
  • User-Acceptance Testing (UAT) Management;
  • End-user Training;
  • Specialist Product Consultancy; and
  • Commissioning Consultancy.


During the engagement, we:

  • Facilitated some of the initial project planning sessions and assisted in the production of project control documentation and advised on project strategy;
  • Delivered system build and design advice, ensuring Teign got the most out of the system as they progressed with configuring and implementing a live system;
  • Informed the interface design process, especially financial integration;
  • Oversaw the development of the UAT plan;
  • Ensured that the end-user teams were properly trained in module set-ups, configurations, process maps and workflows; and
  • Imparted the necessary skills and knowledge to benefit the teams post-project completion

The success measures were:

  • The successful design and build of the system;
  • UAT being managed and delivered to a high level of quality.
  • Successful training of all end-users;
  • A comprehensive range of reports produced by the new solution; and
  • The completed and successful roll-out of the new solution to all areas of housing.


Working closely with the project team at Civica and the Teign team, we delivered a Cx system that ensured Teign were well-placed to deliver the best possible customer service for years to come. Teign are now able to move away from time consuming manual processes and more effective use their staff’s time and expertise and the need for spreadsheets has been reduced significantly by building processes into Cx.


We worked very closely with DtL Creative in a number of areas and with a number of their consultants. Dave Loudon helped us to kick off the project and set up some key project governance rules and set the tone of the project going forward. Jim Walker’s experience was central to the overall success of the project helping us meet our objectives as a business. He approached the project with absolute detail and enthusiasm and was always available to answer the most difficult of questions. Liz Whitfield was a delight to work with and her ability to ensure we went live with the requisite skills and knowledge to use the system was crucial to the successful go-live. Liz’s knowledge of Cx was a driving force in helping us deliver Cx to the business.

- Craig Manley, IT Manager