A review of key processes and the emergence of COVID-19 led Partick Housing Association (PHA) to the realisation that they had gaps in the availability of digital tools for staff and customers, and that their existing IT Strategy required an update.

It was decided that PHA would seek support to conduct a full review of their IT Strategy, and that a new strategy was to be developed in order to provide focus and set a direction of travel that would allow the Association to meet the changing technology needs of staff, customers and other stakeholders.


PHA engaged DTL Creative to undertake a full review of their existing IT Strategy and to support the Association to develop a new and improved IT & Digital strategy. The brief was to develop a document that would support PHA to achieve their overall business objectives, while also reflecting their desire to become a technology-enabled organisation. This included the need for clear IT and digital objectives and setting out a programme for how these objectives would be achieved.


The approach for completing this engagement included a number of critical stages. These stages included:

  • Stage one: Project Planning – We agreed a detailed project plan with the PHA project team including timelines, deliverables, milestones and roles and responsibilities;
  • Stage two: Gathering Stakeholder Feedback – We conducted interviews with key stakeholder, including operational management, senior management and the Board. These interviews allowed us to gather invaluable feedback about PHA’s current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities relating to the application of technology, along with an understanding of some of the strategic business objectives and the part the leaders of the organisation expected technology to play in achieving them. We also conducted an all staff survey to understand the impact technology had on colleagues’ ability to perform their roles efficiently and effectively, and to begin to identify currently challenges and opportunities in applying technology to improve process performance and the colleague experience.
  • Stage Three: Using the information gathered from stakeholders, along with a review of existing documentation and network/infrastructure topology, we developed a draft set of principles, objectives and plans to form a draft IT & Digital Strategy. These were developed with a focus on customer impact, user experience and linked to overall business performance.
  • Stage Four: Refinement with Project Team. Working with the PHA project team, we refined the contents of the IT & Digital Strategy, to ensure that it passed the tests of being achievable, practical and easy to understand without an in-depth technical IT background.
  • Stage Five: Approval. The PHA project team presented the IT & Digital Strategy to the Board, and it was approved.


The result from this project is that PHA now have a current IT & Digital strategy, approved by senior management and the board, which sets the expectations and direction for how PHA will deliver its digital future. The document was developed ‘with the business’ and reflects  the aims, ambitions and objectives of the organisation as a whole – not just the IT remit – and emphasises the key role the business will take in supporting the achievement of the strategy and, in turn, the achievement of the Association’s corporate objectives.

The document also builds the foundation for setting out action plans to deliver improvements, including how the Association will use data to inform strategic decisions. It also provides a reference document to support the association to achieve value-for-money from existing and new technology investments, by clarifying their requirements.


The team at DTL Creative provided an IT and digital strategy service for Partick Housing Association, ensuring the involvement of Board and staff.  I was very impressed with the service throughout the process, particularly in providing detailed project plan, updates on key milestones and meeting the tight timescales for delivery. DTL’s support during the process and subsequent discussions on implementation of the strategy was invaluable, and we now have a clear and documented strategy for applying IT and digital technology to support PHA and our customers.

- Jacqueline McCutcheon, Corporate Services Manager