Fife Council were already part way through their journey to implement Civica’s Cx housing system when unexpected issues and resource impact meant a re-think of the project governance and management. The project is one of the largest and most complex implementations to date and Fife were looking for expert help and a consultancy with experience and expertise in Cx.


As the sectors most experienced Cx implementation consultancy, DTL Creative were approached by Fife to provide a project review prior to commencing their project and the implementation of Cx. DTL Creative were asked to manage the project and provide expert system and technical advice helping Fife move forward to go-live.


We needed to get up to speed quickly with Fife’s project and after rapidly assessing the health of the project, looking at the systems build. data strategies and interface requirements we started to build a picture of how we could progress.

Our role was on two fronts from then on.

1. Managing the project, working very closely with the Fife team and Civica to ensure a well governed and controlled project.
2. To support the project team with Cx specific knowledge across the whole scope of the system.

We wanted to ensure strong communication and project control supplemented by sound technical systems knowledge. This achieved real momentum and a project with direction.


Fife were able to present a clear direction forward and a model of governance and support to allow a measured and controlled project, with an invigorated team, expert resource from DTL Creative and a culture of can-do.

Fife now have a strong and knowledgeable wider project team, excellent communication across all areas of the project, especially working in partnership with Civica. With this in place, Fife were in a position to plan a go-live that was well planned and thought through.


We knew of DTL Creative’s experience in systems transformation in social housing and especially the Cx system. We needed a consultancy that would help manage and guide us through what we knew to be a complex and challenging project and we were delighted to find that DTL Creative did this without delay, with complete professionalism and at the same time a pleasure to work with. We believe that without DTL Creative’s help, guidance, and expertise, we would have struggled to move forwards at the pace we did. We are now in a much more comfortable position and satisfied we are heading in the right direction with our systems.


- John Mills, Head of Housing Services