Barrow Borough Council completed a procurement exercise and selected Civica’s CX and Keystone products. While the Council were equipped operationally to capitalise on the benefits to be gained from these new business systems, they did not have the resources or the experience in implementing CX required to deliver the project.


We had a long-standing relationship with Barrow as their preferred implementation and project management partner. This, combined with our extensive experience in managing major system implementations and our specialist knowledge of Civica products, led to us being approached to project manage the implementation and help ensure the best possible outcomes for the Council. We were asked to provide a blend of services, which included:

  • Project Management;
  • Critical Friend & Quality Assurance;
  • Business Process Analysis & Improvement;
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Management;
  • Data Migration & Mapping; and
  • Interface Design Specification.


During the project, we:

  • Facilitated the initial project planning session and assisted in the development of a Project Initiation Document (PID) which outlined roles and responsibilities, resource requirements, key milestones and deadlines, dependencies and project deliverables;
  • Managed the software installation, in partnership with the Council’s IT resources and the Civica Project Manager;
  • Ensured that internal teams were properly trained so that they could support in setting up modules, configuring the systems, develop process maps, user guides and training materials and build workflows to align with the Council’s ways of working and good practice;
  • Ensured that the remaining systems and interfaces were integrated, where required;
  • Managed the data migration process, ensuring that data was accurately moved from legacy systems, and oversaw data cleansing throughout this process, where necessary and appropriate;
  • Oversaw the development of the UAT plans, and the completion of testing;
  • Ensured that all end-users were trained and fully competent in using the systems ahead of the go-live process;
  • Ensured that change controls were in place to manage ongoing changes and amendments; and
  • Transferred the necessary skills and knowledge to the in-house teams to help them sustain the project benefits and develop their own internal capabilities.


This project delivered the following benefits for Barrow Borough Council:

  • The successful roll-out of the new system allowed the Council to begin realising the project benefits, becoming more efficient and effective in how they deployed resources, and saving time and effort with improved workflow and operational processes;
  • The transfer of existing data and data from third party applications and data sources was successful, minimising disruption and allowing the Council to operate more efficiently with a single source of the truth for a large portion of it’s customer, property and service-related data; and
  • A comprehensive range of reports could now be produced by the new system, providing enhanced management information allowing leaders within the business to be better informed when making operational and strategic decisions.


DtL Creative were a pleasure to work with – they approached all aspects of the project with a keenness to detail and enthusiasm. Their knowledge of the product was central to the overall success of the project and its objectives.

- Jane Coles, Housing Business Support Manager