Shire Housing Association.

Historically at Shire Housing Association (‘Shire’), there wasn’t a great amount of time and resource invested in IT. Recently, the organisation recruited a dedicated IT colleague with an emphasis on strengthening processes, increasing cyber security...

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Wirral Methodist Housing Association.

Wirral Methodist Housing Association (WMHA) aspired to move to a more agile working environment, with staff enabled by technology. The association had a long-standing outsourced IT support relationship for operational IT delivery, but hadn’t und

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Partick Housing Association.

The result from this project is that PHA now have a current IT & Digital strategy, approved by senior management and the board, which sets the expectations and direction for how PHA will deliver its digital future. The document was developed ‘with the business’ and reflects  the aims, ambitions and objectives of the organisation as a whole - not just the IT remit – and emphasises the key role the business will take in supporting the achievement of the strategy and, in turn, the achievement of the Association’s corporate objectives.

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