From business and systems procurement and implementation to change projects and ICT strategy advice, procurement and corporate governance, DtL Creative prides itself on being a bit different, certainly creative, and is already bringing results for it’s many clients in social housing.

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Current projects   Customer Description
Systems implementation support   North Devon Homes We are helping NDC with our extensive experience of Cx to get the best out of their project.
Systems and Managed Services Consultancy   Red Kite Housing We are working with Red Kite on a review and strategic capacity in the areas of Managed Services and Systems.
Systems implementation project review   Fife Council We have been asked to carry out a review of a range of aspects of a systems implementation project.
Post implementation continuous improvement project   Teign Housing After helping Teign go live with their housing system implementation we stayed on to help with further work.
Managing a complex systems transformation project across housing systems, allocations and asset management.   Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council Moving through to go-live DtL Creative are assisting in ensuring the project delivers against the highest possible standards, and that NBBC see the best possible operational benefits.
Working on the continuous improvement phase of Cx.   West of Scotland Housing After managing the go-live, we are now working on the continuous improvement phase of Cx.
Assisting in the implementation of a housing management system   Alpha Homes DtL are assisting is specific build and testing phases of Alpha’s Cx implementation.
Helping with the design, implementation and strategy of phase 2 of a systems implementation.   Epic Homes Involved in a number of consultancy services in the further enhancement of their existing system and the implementation of phase 2 of further modules and functionality. 
Assisting in the implementation of Cx.   Alliance Homes DtL Creative are carrying out two important roles for Alliance. We are responsible for the overall management of their ICT, as well as the delivery of a large and complex Cx implementation.
Carrying out a systems and ICT strategy improvement programme.   Hundred Houses Society DtL are working with Hundred Houses to deliver a range of strategic services, aimed at improving operations, cost base and overall efficiency gains.
Managing the project and carrying out a range of implementation services on implementing Civica’s Cx system.   Haig Housing Moving through to go-live DtL Creative are assisting in ensuring the project delivers against the highest possible standards, and that Haig see tangible benefits and process improvements.

Recent projects





Assisting in the implementation of Cx   Douglas Borough Council Douglas have engaged the services of DtL to guide them through the Cx project
Choice Based Lettings strategy   Cumbria Choice We are working with Cumbria Choice in advising them on how to improve their choice based lettings solution prior to choosing a new system.
Assisting in phase 2 of a Cx implementation, including build advice, training and testing.   Central and Cecil DtL Creative were asked to help in systems delivery, utilising our experience and expertise in Cx.
Previous projects

Carrying out a process review for a landlord that is about to embark on a new systems implementation.

Advising and development of a strategy on a systems integration project for a social housing group.

Advising on the implementation of Cx and project structure guidance.

ICT policy and procedures review and development of new policies.

Leading a Housing Association through a procurement of a range of housing systems.

Scanning services tender for a housing association.

Technology and systems review for a landlord looking to reinvigorate their ICT.

Leading a Housing Association through a complex procurement of a new housing system.

Developing a Housing Associations Specification of Requirements for a new Housing System.

Assisting a Housing Association in selecting their new Head of IT.

Consultancy advising a Housing Association on the selection of a Housing Management System.

Consultancy advising a Housing Association on the procurement of an Asset Management System.

Consultancy on Finance system procurement for a Housing Association.

Procurement and project management of a Telephony system and CTI for a Housing Association.

Bid analysis for a large Housing Management System provider.

Bid analysis for a large Finance System provider.

Advice on Social Media implementation for a third sector organisation.