strategy and excellence

Why do we need a consultancy, we know some will ask. It’s a fair question. We believe that doing something time and time again, investing in the right people, taking care in the projects we work on brings experience and knowledge 


Landlords often ask us what can we get out of our existing technology? What technology or systems can we look at to get the best out of our operations and indeed provide better services to our tenants? We look at everything and anything to do with ICT, Technology and Systems and give to you the art of the possible showing you what you can truly achieve and how.

strategy REVIEWS AND development

If you feel your ICT strategy is not living up to expectations, then we can help.

With many years of experience in delivering ICT strategies from small to large landlords we have seen it all and know how to get the best out of technology.


We recognise that as the stresses and challenges of day to day housing operations kick in, over time ICT strategies, systems, infrastructure and services fall behind. This is not uncommon, and we have developed an assessment model that allows landlords to see where they are with their ICT in relation to what is available and perhaps even seen as best practice.


Don’t want to fall behind? Want to know if indeed you are behind then get in touch.


There are many standards and ways you can benchmark your ICT delivery and services in a generic sense. We are in the process of developing a social housing specific ICT and Technology certification that looks at the demands the sector has to face. 

Want to find out more, get in touch here.

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