Dr Gaby WolferinkLead consultant in partnerships and collaboration

areas of expertise
  • Data Consultancy and strategies
  • Business transformation
  • Business process improvement
  • Technology change analysis
  • Analytics
  • Business Intelligence

Gaby has moved from ‘falling into the housing sector’ to ‘choosing to work in the housing sector’. Mostly out of love, but also a bit out of frustration, because she can see so much potential in it and was and is aching to help find new, creative and innovative ways of thinking about, working in, and managing homes in social housing.

Having over 10 years of experience working in housing, in both the Netherlands and the UK, she knows her way around the sector from a variety of vantage points. She started in admin support roles as a Summer job before moving to Customer Service, a bit of Income and Housing Assistant.

It was in that last role that she realised that she was really interested in and really good at asking ‘why’, finding ways to innovate and create good and consistent practices; on the digital, data and process end, but also to work closer with tenants and staff while doing this.

After a squiggly stint in academia that led her from Information Science to a BA in English and to an MRes in Human Geography, in 2017 she obtained a PhD from Loughborough University School of Business and Economics, doing research focusing on Digital Exclusion and Welfare Reform.

Bringing all her academic skills, knowledge of housing and passion for getting the basics right together, she set out to work in the UK housing sector in roles touching upon Customer Insight, Business Improvement, Service Development and Data Analytics, working at the crossroads of IT, Data Strategy, Service Delivery and Tenant Involvement.

Gaby has joined DtL to bring that combination of academic rigour, an inquisitive nature, a creative mind, a drive to be excellent and a nag and love for data trawling to help housing organisations get a grip on their Data Strategies, Process Improvements and making sure that every decision made is done with the tenants and applicants in mind.

She is a straight talker who will not shy away from asking the difficult questions, but always with the goal to get to the bottom of things and make sure we can work together to be the best we can be at providing homes that are safe and great to live in.

You can follow Gaby on LinkedIn and Twitter.