It’s conference season

We’re delighted to announce that we started off the conference season for DTL Creative with our very own conference on the 5th May.

Our UnCon series of events continued with UnCon 22. We brought together a number of experts from the sector and beyond to talk about joining the dots with technology and social housing. Five sessions were held in all. They were:

Session 1: How can we use data better and what is its role in  joining the dots.

Session 2: Is there an ideal systems architecture for housing? 

Session 3: Is technology truly serving the aims and ambitions of housing leaders in today’s world.

Session 4: Is the sector behind the curve with technology adoption? What can we learn from outside housing?

Session 5: Can we really improve the lives of those in social housing through technology?

You can now see all of these sessions in our YouTube channel. Simply click on the session above, or go to our channel here.

We were also delighted to attract some high-end solutions providers to the sector in Switchee, Fast Lean Smart, Meritec, Fuzzlab, Salesforce and iOpt. Without them it would not have happened.

What’s next?

But that was just the start, this week we will be attending Scotland’s Housing Festival in Glasgow on Thursday the 19th, where we already have a long list of folks to catch up with and really looking forward to seeing some of our customers as well.

Then, in June, it’s the largest social housing event in Europe, the CIH Housing 2022. We always look forward to attending, and this year we are exhibiting again. This is a great opportunity to seek out DTL Creative and see how we can help you with systems, technology and data strategies as well as procurements and implementations. With over 100 social landlords to our name, we have the experience to make things better, using technology to improve the operations of landlords and the lives of tenants.

So, it’s conference season and we love it.