knowing what to do,
and how to do it.

Why do we need a consultancy, we know some will ask. It’s a fair question. We believe that doing something time and time again, investing in the right people, taking care in the projects we work on brings experience and knowledge that will bring you as a customer our experience and expertise at a cost you will find brings a real return on investment.


We know what to do and how to do it. We work with:

  • Landlords needing systems implementation expertise and resource
  • Landlords needing help procuring systems and technology
  • Landlords wanting ICT Strategies developed, updated.
  • Landlords looking to improve their overall ICT provision.


We build, with every project more and more knowledge. We use this to better ourselves and how we deliver. We learn from each and every thing we do, and we learn just as much from witnessing how not to do things.

We therefore just get better over time, and we have had a great deal of time .


some examples

We have implemented many housing systems, from finance to asset management, to repairs diagnostics and scheduling.

We have helped dozens of landlords procure the right solution.

We have delivered interim roles, specific short term engagements and longer term advisory roles.

We have provided data improvement projects.

We have helped boards and management teams understand the best strategic direction to take.


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