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Epic Homes:

In the year DtL Creative have been appointed to assist EPIC with the ongoing implementation of Civica Housing System; DtL were chosen due to positive feedback received from their other customers; and due to losses of key members of our project team which resulted in us having limited resources to manage the implementation internally. The intention being that DtL help to ensure the delivery of the project, provide support and guidance, and knowledge transfer to the team to enable improved self-service going forward.

The key advantages of appointing DtL being that as a small organisation with limited resources DtL have supported us to continue with our project, despite the challenges that we have faced. They have worked with staff outside of the main project team to understand what we want from the system and have advised how we could best achieve this. A prime example of this is in relation to the rent and arrears module implementation; we had previously implemented this module directly with Civica and the end result did not meet the needs of our users. DtL supported us with the redesign of this module, which so far appears to have been successful.

They further assisted us with our User Acceptance Testing process and subsequent upgrade. We are now on a much more stable version and have experienced far fewer reports of issues by staff. DtL have provided a high level of support and guidance; the training they have delivered being based on our own data and processes, as oppose to that delivered by Civica which is generic and based on sample test data.

Alan Robbins| Head of IT Application Services | Livewest:

DtL creative have made an incredibly positive impact on our project progress.  Often we have found ourselves with an issue or problem where we needed additional skilled resource for a short period or advice on the best way to approach a particular problem and DtL have always risen to the occasion and delivered accurate impartial advice or a skilled resource to meet the challenge ahead.

Alison Williamts| Head of Finance and Resources | Alpha Living:

Alpha, being a smaller specialised housing association, have limited internal resources especially for a project as challenging and complex of the implementation of a new housing management system.  DTL are able to provide access to a pool of professional consultants with specialist skills appropriate to your specific needs at a reasonable cost.

Gary Haldane| Head of IT | Kingdom Housing Association:

DtL Creative’s Dave Loudon’s experience in legislation and projects provided confidence and structure for Kingdom including the tender and procurement of our cloud unified communications and CTi platform. I have found Dave to be very open and clear with communications, customer focused and driven to ensure we receive the best outcomes.

Karen Johnson| Head of Corporate Services | Teign Housing:

Jim Walker’s experience was central to the overall success of the project helping us meet our objectives as a business. He approached the project with absolute detail and enthusiasm and was always available to answer the most difficult of questions.

Liz Whitfield was a delight to work with and her ability to ensure we went live with the requisite skills and knowledge to use the system was crucial to the successful go-live. Liz’s knowledge of Cx was a driving force in helping us deliver Cx to the business.

Dave Loudon helped us to kick off the project and set up some key project governance rules and set out the tone of the project going forward

Jane Coles| Housing Business Support Manager | Barrow Council:

DtL Creative were a pleasure to work with – Jim Walker approached all aspects of the project with a keenness to detail and enthusiasm. His knowledge of the product was central to the overall success of the project and its objectives.

Shepherds Bush Housing:

DtL Creative have extensive knowledge and experience of the CX housing system. They worked very closely with all levels of staff from within Shepherds Bush Housing Group to identify areas of development and focus. This has enabled us as an organisation to realise the full potential of CX and deliver a successful project launch.

DtL Creative prepared an in-depth report and recommendations. These results have assisted us in creating a realistic road map to achieve our customer journey with Cx

DtL Creative insight into CX and ability to engaged our staff has been outstanding.

Barry Alford| Head of ICT | Paragon Community Housing:

DtL Creative were introduced to Paragon to help with the procurement process of our new Housing and CRM systems. They guided us admirably through the various procurement options (restricted, open etc…..) with sound advice and worked well with all members of the Paragon team. If I were to sum up Dave Loudon in a few words it would be: excellent advice nicely wrapped in a personable package

Paul Aitken| IT Manager | South Lakes housing:

“Dave has helped us with our implementation of our new housing management system Civica Cx but has also helped us change the way we work with new business processes. His knowledge of the housing sector is brilliant and has provided knowledge of what others are either doing or have done in the past to get the best out of new system. 

The best thing is that he will openly speak his mind if you are doing something wrong and tell you how to improve in the future. 
Staff feedback from workshops Dave has conducted were very positive and thought he presented very well”.

Jerry Morson| Operations Director | Hundred Houses Society said:

“We engaged the services of David Loudon in July last year to assist us in the tender process for a new housing management system. His technical knowledge of the systems on the market is excellent and he has a comprehensive knowledge of most systems that are available. He was known to all the suppliers we invited to tender personally.

I was particularly impressed the way he drove the project forward to ensure timeframes were met and the tender process was completed on time. He has an impressive scoring template that assists in ensuring the customer gets the best software solution to match their needs.

Moving forward we have engaged his services to assist us in the journey of installing our chosen product over the next few months. His ability to write appropriate scripts will help to ensure our chosen housing management solution is able to meet our high expectations with respect to the contract’s deliverables.” 

Nicola Logan | Finance Director | Glen Oaks Housing Association said:

“David got in touch with us just around the time we were considering a new housing management system for Glen Oaks Housing Association. We we’re very impressed by David’s knowledge and experience of working with housing associations on the procurement and selection of these systems.

David helped us with writing a tender document and advising us on the procurement process. He also worked well with our staff and board members advising and guiding them throughout his time at Glen Oaks. This was a very successful process.”

Joanna Sedley-Burke | Managing Director – Sovereign Data Connect

“Dave is always a pleasure to work with and well respected. 

His knowledge of the Housing sector and pragmatic approach to projects ensures that his clients are always delivered value for money and solutions that appropriate to their needs”.

Shirley Robison| Chief Executive | Barrhead Housing Association said:

“Dave helped us through the procurement selection for our new IT housing system. He provided us with his expertise in this field and assistance to ensure delivery of this tender within our timescales.”

Alan Quinn| Chief Executive (past) | Castle Computer Services said:

“Dave is a highly credible Consultant with expert knowledge of the Housing Association sector and IT procurement projects. Dave is a very personable individual who communicates well with people and prepares excellent written reports.”

John Kelly| Head of IT | Williamsburgh Housing Association said:

“David recently assisted us with the tender and procurement phase of a new Housing Management and Finance system. His knowledge, guidance and support made the process so much easier. He was always available any time of day (and night) to answer any questions that arose. Our Project Team found David very easy to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any future projects. Because of his efforts and input we are now ready to move to the implementation phase were I am sure David will continue to be a valuable asset to our team.”

Gail Monnickendam| Deputy Chief Executive | Leeds Federated Housing Association said:

“David was a Non Executive on the Project Team of a major housing system and finance system software procurement and implementation at Leeds Federated Housing Association. David had the role for just over a year which was the tight time span of the implementation. As well as contributing to Project Team meetings in the form of asking difficult questions and giving advice from his past experiences, David also contributed to the project in a number of other ways which included being an ad hoc mentor to the Project Manager and a sounding board for the Project Sponsor.

He gave independent confidence, or not as the case may be, on the progress of the Project. David’s “grey” hairs – not literally in age but in past experiences – were always useful. He was a great help over the period of the project.”

Lukas Bisek| Head of IT | Leeds Federated Housing Association said:

“Leeds Fed asked David to help with their new IT system implementation project. With his past experience David took a non-executive position on the project board helping with the many different strategic decisions. David’s main involvement was helping me oversee the project plan, risk management and was involved in detail with the user acceptance and performance testing.

David has good communication skills and was comfortable addressing the project team and the project board. His friendly attitudes makes David easy and fun to work with.

This project was successful thanks to the hard work dedicated by the project team and thanks to David’s input and his support.”

Nick Gordon | Sales Director | Civica UK Limited said:

“We recently used David’s services to analyse a new business sales engagement, where we had been successful, looking at what we did right and what we could have done better. The subsequent report and presentation were invaluable in terms of our future sales proposition”

Some recommendations on David and his work from Linkedin

Check out David’s Linkedin profile to see all recommendations, but for now, please have a look below.

“David and I worked together on the procurement of a new HMS for Berwickshire HA. From the start David made it clear that the main purpose for procuring a new HMS was to allow the association to drive forward with its business plans and goals and David was the main driver of change for BHA. He understands the business requirements of Housing Associations and successfully manages to merge this with system requirements and improvements in business processes. I would recommend him for any organisation looking to review or replace existing systems and procedures”

“I have worked with and known Dave for many years. I have found that he is a key driver to implement change and improvements when necessary to the workplace. His enthusiasm and drive for change is obvious; using his knowledge and skills to bring in fresh and new ideas as well as the necessary controls required for compliance. He is very easy to work with and can add humor and fun to projects at what can be a stressful time; building good working relationships with suppliers, customers and colleagues.”

“I have known Dave for a long time now. He always earns respect from his peers and employees. He is an energetic, creative thinker who has a strong strategic business perspective. He is also a change advocate who sets a clear strategy for his team and then drives for results, building highly effective matrix teams with partners and other stakeholders! He also works well with any level from board room to junior staff. It was both a pleasure and fun to work with Dave and I highly recommend him.”

“I have had various dealings with Dave over the last four years. On each occasion I have found him to be forward thinking, pragmatic and very practical in the way he works.”

“David is a no-nonsense manager who tackles business issues head on and offers sound advice to stakeholders on all matters pertaining to Operations, IT and procurement. I had the pleasure of reporting to David for two years and found him to be highly-motivating, clever and very amicable within the team environment through which we operated. Having spent a long time in corporate-based roles myself, I found David’s approach to business both refreshing and effective. David hates wasting time and likes to move forward at a steady pace. He supports all stakeholders that endorse this efficient ideal and empowers all employees who are willing to work hard and make such an ideal possible.”

“Dave has worked for both IT Services companies and as a customer to IT Services companies. This rewards him with considerable experience which is an extremely valuable asset to any organisation. Dave is a very commited person, outstanding in his abilities and confident in approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending or working with Dave again. In fact I would welcome the opportunity.”

“David and I worked together on a number of consulting engagements at Computacenter. He always brought a practical and customer focused view to what we were doing, and had a particular care for the sustainability of the changes and solutions we proposed or implemented. David has valuable experience of business service management and of creating the necessary balance between people, process and technology within business. He is a great team player and it was always a pleasure to work with him.”