Civica Cx services


who is it for?

DtL Creative have worked with 17 landlords in their implementation of Civica Cx and other Civica systems such as Abritas and Keystone. 

Are you a landlord and need professional, expert help in your project, then DtL Creative are the consultants to help.

It may be you need a whole team to help, or just some specific areas such as build/design, testing, training, interfaces, data migration and optimisation or reporting. We have the most extensive experience that is here for you to utilise.

our knowledge and our consultants

The DtL Creative Civica team have an unbeatable pedigree. All of our team have not only worked with Civica, but have, since starting with DtL Creative been working on many projects, helping landlords implement the Cx and peripheral systems.

As well as extensive project management experience in the Civica housing systems, we have a specific range of skills from:

  • Design and build,
  • Data migration,
  • User Acceptance Testing,
  • Training
  • Interface design and build
  • Reporting

our experience

DTL Creative have worked with many landlords in their journey to introduce Civica systems, specifically Cx. We have managed large complicated projects from beginning to end, we have been introduced part way through a project to add resource and expertise, and we have been employed to help with specific skilled areas where a landlord cannot provide the skills internally.

We have also developed and made available our DATA QUALITY DASHBOARD. Click below for more information. 

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