My voice is not for sale!

Stewart Davison



A Tale of Two Events 

So, as I say I was firing on all cylinders this morning, music selection dropping some absolute bangers, I was most definitely in my ‘flow’ and I join a call concerning an online event being planned for Jul/Aug.  

The event organisers had sought me out to talk about a specific aspect of tech that has been delivering some real support and innovation during lockdown. They were enthusiastic and had obviously read up and researched on what had been happening in the sector around this tech. We had a cracking discussion for around 30 mins, we arranged a prospective date for their event and they asked me for a title, all good! 

Then later that morning I noticed a flyer from another event organiser teasing another event around innovation, focusing on sector resilience. So again I thought, okay I will drop a quick line to see if they would be interested in having me speak. It  would be about the experiences I have been having with a number of HA’s across the UK on this tech. The inevitable, but depressing response was “There are sponsorship opportunities”  

Now I have said this before, I begrudge no one earning a living, hell even making a profit, I love profit, profit helps me get that nice TV I have been drooling over to replace my 10 year old beast, and I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid paying for a slot as a software vendor, it would have been part of my sales and marketing strategy.  

But WTF! I am an independent consultant, I bring an impartial view to the technology, I don’t look to push a particular brand or product, hell I would go out of my way to be ‘fair’ to a number of suppliers doing the same or similar thing.  

Events are saturated with sales pitches, boring content, rehashing the same tired presentations with a new logo or graphic. This kind of thing led me to create the UnCon, but this isn’t an UnCon plug, it’s just me shouting into the void and saying to event organisers, think differently! I’m not asking you to act like a charity, but maybe, one or gosh, even two voices that havent had to pay for the ‘privilege, or even worse ‘the exposure’. Damn, I’m so exposed in this sector I’m amazed I’m not prosecuted for public nudity, ram your ‘exposure’. 

So, if you want someone who is articulate, knowledgeable about tech and social housing, engages with an audience both on and offline for your event get in touch, just don’t expect me to pay you!