One of the main successes of our recent UnCon and UnCon2 events is that we now have and are continuing to build a community of innovators, problem-solvers and curious minds from the UK social housing sector.

Our upcoming breakfast session on 20th August aims to give you more information about our plans and ambitions for this growing community and, most importantly, telling you more about how you can be part of it and help shape the agenda!


Here’s an outline of the session:

Thursday 20th August, 9.00 – 10.00AM

    • Sharing the DtL Story: Why we exist and where we’re heading
    • What is the Blue Banana and how can it drive innovation?
    • Looking back at the UnCon and sharing key learning and insights
    • Your place in the UnCon community

Register below if you’d like to attend. We hope to make it an hour that will help kick-start your Thursday morning!


Register here



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