UnCon 1

The sessions

The keynote from Switchee of Day 1 shows off Alastairs blue fez. Watch here.

Starring Tom Robbins and Alastair Thorpe

HMS Systems with Aidan Dunphy, Gary Haldane, Marcin Symnanzski and Helen Lomas. Marcin perfects the art of sleeping while sitting up.

Watch here.

Starring Aidan Dunphy, Helen LomasMarcin Szymanski and Gary Haldane


Battling the backlog: how leading landlords are addressing post-lockdown work-in-progress jobs. Click here to view.

Starring Cem Savas and Elly Hoult

Simon Reay from Rubixx – The Supermarket car maintenance scheme – Why don’t Tesco offer you a car service and what we in social housing should learn from that. Listen for the big revelation.

Starring Simon Reay

The reality of Augmented Reality is with us as Marcin from XM Reality demonstrates. You’ll love this one.

Starring Marcin Szymanski

Dave Loudon hosts a discussion session on the world of Digital inside and a little outside Social Housing. See it here.

Starring Dave Loudon, Tom RobbinsDr Kay Rogage and Richard Harvey

3 bearded men talk Tribal Compliance. Paul is not asleep, he’s meditating.

Listen here.

Starring Ryan Dempsey, Martin Simmonds and Paul Meenan

The master of Zen: Scott chats about chatbots. Scott is so cool he actually fell into a trance while presenting. Watch it here.

Starring Scott Summers