At DtL Creative, we get involved.

We help you shape your change strategies across a range of business areas and will work with your management to define the way forward.

We have a number of services that can benefit housing associations and local authorities ensuring they get the best systems and processes for maximum gain. For example:

Housing systems: we are experts in selecting, buying, implementing and integrating a whole range of housing management related systems.

Rapid housing systems review: not sure if what you currently have in place is the best it can be? This is perfect for you.

Implementing change: need to see a significant change in your organisation through to completion. We can help. Many years of change management and tackling difficult and complicated projects means we understand, and that we can help you.

Governance reviews: experienced in designing and implementing social housing governance systems, you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

We do not believe in;

  • being just another consultant.
  • being just another report writer.

We do believe in;

  • Trust.
  • Saying it as it is
  • Being honest with you.
  • and being creative.

We will help you get a better understanding and ensure you have a clear path forward.

See more about our services and what our customers say in our Portfolio PDF: Download here