Paul Aitken

Paul Aitken

Paul has 10 years’ experience in the social housing sector. He has delivered numerous and varied projects within his time as IT Manger at South Lakes Housing.
Paul and South Lakes have encountered some serious challenges throughout recent years such as the company transferring from being an ALMO to a housing association, and the ensuing challenge of setting up new offices and infrastructure.

With the help of DtL Creative, Paul overseen the impressive transition to one central housing system which holds all asset and customer information in Cx and Keystone with 10 pieces of integration with the following systems.

Kirona DRS
Civica Open Revenues
M3 Central Diagnostics
Customer portal implementation
This is no mean task, and it has helped the organisation to achieve better customer service and self-service to customers as well as stream line processes.

We are delighted at DtL Creative to have a unique relationship with South Lakes in being able to offer Paul’s recent and extremely sector specific skills and knowledge to other customers.

On top of all the other achievements Paul has been part of, he is very active in the sector, being part of and chairing many user groups.

As far as specific customer delivery, Paul can work with clients on the following areas.

Strategic transformation advice

Paul has been through it, and can offer advice on business change and how to get the best out of your systems. Business transformation through systems implementations and/or procurement is a complicated matter, and pays to seek the advice of someone who has done it before.

Systems integration

Paul can help you understand the complexities of how to make a multi-integrated solution work.

IT Strategy

Paul is an IT Manger, and has done what others want to do, implemented change, and revised strategies. He is a great source of ‘Been there, seen it, done it, and has that t-shirt’