Gaby joins DtL Creative

Gaby Wolferink joins DtL Creative on the 3rd August and brings a set of skills that will benefit our existing team perfectly.

Have a look at Gaby’s profile here.

Have breakfast with us

Want to learn more about DtL Creative and how we can help you then register for our virtual breakfast event here.

Three new customers for DtL Creative

Partick HA, Community Gateway and Paragon Asra are the latest additions to the DtL customer list.

Testing systems implementations during lockdown

Claire Bullock from DtL Creative is working with Alliance Homes as they carry out the first phase of testing of their Cx system. We ask her how this is going during the challenges of lockdown.

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UnCon 2, The IoT special was a great success

The latest event in the UnCon series was a great success as we brought experts together to discuss IoT in social housing.

Grab a coffee, sit back and watch.

Watch the event unfold here.

Housing systems in the year 2020

In the year 2020, we are seeing a lot of noise in the options open to landlords in selecting a housing system. Dave Loudon runs through some options and opinions.


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My voice is not for sale!

Stewart Davison, our Director of Innovation vents frustration at the point of conferences.

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It's new, it's unconventional, its the unconvention, it's the UnCon.

The Unconventional convention, the UnCon is coming to a screen near you.

On the 18th and 19th of June, the first online convention related to technology in housing is being held.

Check it out and register here.

Two new services coming soon.

1. Data Quality Dashboard, a service that will truly bring a proactive approach to data quality.

2. Training and Knowledge as a Service. TKaaS. Avoid costly training solutions with our new customisable and ready to go solutions at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Keep watching this space.

So, there we were, just working through a daily challenge when someone asks if there is a simple, easy to understand guide to business transformation and innovation: a dummies guide, an A to Z perhaps.

That’s it, there may not be, but there could be. I set myself a challenge of producing an A to Z on this topic.

So, here goes….

Have a look here.

This time it is the turn of our director of consultancy, Jim Walker.

Find out what life is like for Jim at the moment at home and work.

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We ask the team what life is like, what they are working on and what challenges they are facing during the lockdown.

This time it is Aidan Dunphy’s turn.

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Part 2 in our new series, A day in the life. This time it is the turn of our founder and MD, Dave Loudon

Find out what life is like for Dave at the moment at home and work.

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A new series of what life is really like in a non-typical day for DtL Creative.

We will ask the team what life is like, what they are working on and what challenges they are facing during the lockdown.

We start off with our Director of Innovation, Stewart Davison.

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DtL help introduce Augmented Reality to the sector.

Our Blue Banana peels back the fear of innovation with a partnership in Fife.

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Thinking time. You don't actually need to drive.

DtL help introduce Augmented Reality to the sector.

Our Blue Banana peels back the fear of innovation with a partnership in Fife.

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There is no need to use the C-Word

The problem with housing is housing.

A good old moan about lack of progress.


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Scott Crowley gives his view on the current situation

‘The times they are a-changin’’ as Bob Dylan memorably said. Read Scott’s views here.

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Business Continuity. Part 2 in our series of 'Times they are a changin'

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

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Proof is in the pudding

Blue Banana has successfully helped both a landlord and an innovative supplier introduce Augmented Reality into the Social Housing Sector.

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Don't look back, when you can Innovate

It’s our mission to get the sector moving forward. Here we ask how, and also introduce you to The Blue Banana, The Inn of Innovation.

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Is there a digital appetite?

Yes, there’s an Appetite for Digital in Housing – We just Need to be the Pilots

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An interview with Jim

Jim, as well as being a consultant for DtL, will soon move to a new role of Director of Consultancy

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What lies ahead?The future of events in housing.

What is the future of events in social housing. Stewart and DtL give some pause for thought….

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NHF Customer Experience visit.

I found myself this morning on a very chilly platform at Bristol preparing for a trip into London to participate in a seminar session hosted by Castleton Plc at this year’s NHF CX 2020 conference..

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Continued growth and expertise

As you have no doubt seen, DtL Creative have been very busy of late and we wanted to update you on what is happening and why. As well as working hard on our many projects with landlords up and down the country, we have been working on developing some other strings to our bow. As part of this, we were so delighted to announce recently two new additions to the DtL team.

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Stu joins DtL

We are delighted to welcome Stewart Davison to the DtL team.

As Director of Innovation Stewart will be driving an agenda of transformation in housing, looking at new and emerging technologies that will improve the operations of laan interboendlords and the lives of tenants.

Check out an interview with Stu on why he chose DtL and his views on technology in housing.

Aidan joins DtLAidan joins DtL

Who remembers Aidan Dunphy? Well, he’s been working on interesting projects in other sectors for a few years, using cutting-edge tech in mobile, VR and AR. Now he’s back working in Housing, and he’s joining DtL Creative as an Associate Consultant through his company Flektion.

Aidan spent 20 years with Orchard and has a fantastic understanding of technology and its application in social housing. A great practitioner of transformation and change, Aidan is a driving force in ensuring landlords benefit from technology. And he can now help out customers at DtL do just that.

Welcome back Aidan!

Jim heads up the DtL Systems Consultancy

As one of the UK’s foremost experts in housing systems, Jim will drive further best practice in systems design and implementation as well as looking to build on our ability to deliver more projects across a wider range of suppliers and landlords.

Check out Jim here.

Compliance in social housing

Dave has written an article on something he and DtL believe very strongly in: Compliance.

It’s a massive issue in the sector and it’s something that is not just important, we would add is actually at a critical stage.

Follow this link to read more.d

Orchard acquire InterNETalia and its well known system Accuserv

Big news hits the social housing tech sector this week as Orchard announce the acquisition of InterNetalia.

You may not have heard of InterNetalia, but you will have heard of their flagship system Accuserv.

Is this a game changer?

Check out more here.