Innovation services

Our Innovation services, ran by Stewart Davison, Director of Innovation is something close to our hearts. We truly believe in innovation being key to the future technology driven benefits in social housing. Have a look at what we can offer you as landlords, or indeed you as a supplier.

We want to ensure the sector is armed with the right information, the right guidance and has the right tools to deliver the best possible solutions. Innovation is key to this.

  • We have the reach and contacts to allow you as a landlord to identify the best innovative solutions for you.
  • We believe that the sector cannot continue to better lives without innovation.
  • We have built relationships with a wide range of innovative tech providers, some specific to the sector, some new.
  • We have a drive to help landlords get the best from innovative solutions.

When we work on delivering the right solution, we encourage creativity and never shy away from being innovative.

If you want to learn more about how we can help innovate for you, then please get in touch.

We work with executive teams in landlords, and even boards to run through the art of the possible. Innovation is one area that scares some people. It doesn’t need to. As a social landlord you will be amazed at what solutions are out there for you to utilise. Whether it is PropTech, IoT, AI or even AR, these are all areas we can work with you on.

The Blue Banana Portal is our weird and wonderful world of innovation in social housing.

We are on a journey to introduce new and exciting technologies and suppliers to our sector and had some great success so far. Check out the portal to see what we are talking about.


The UnCon is a new concept we deliver. It is an online conferencing and networking  service that looks at specific areas of Technology and Innovation.

Check out here or the Blue Banana portal in the menu bar to see what is coming next.

This is the DtL Creative and Blue Banana cast called ‘That Blue Banana Show’.

It’s fun, i’ts quirky, but has an underlying message of promoting technology and innovation in social housing.

You can find it here.