Continued growth and expertise in DtL Creative.

What we’ve been up to.

Dave Loudon, Managing Director


As you have no doubt seen, DtL Creative have been very busy of late and we wanted to update you on what is happening and why.

As well as working hard on our many projects with landlords up and down the country, we have been working on developing some other strings to our bow.

As part of this, we were so delighted to announce recently two new additions to the DtL team.

Stewart Davison joined us as our Director of Innovation at the start of January, and then more recently Aidan Dunphy has chosen to join the team as an associate consultant.

So, why the changes?

Well, it’s simple. We believe as a consultancy that the sector needs more innovation and at the same time landlords facing problems that we know can be solved by software solutions. For example, more and more landlords need to consider serious improvements in compliance and at the same time we are witnessing technology suppliers struggling to get their solutions seen as viable offerings in this area. Yet, there are gaps in the identification and procurement of such systems.

We have seen landlords hum and haw ( about their internal strategies, and also unable for a myriad of reasons to make a decision. We fully understand the need to procure properly and legally. We understand the need to have buy-in, and to make sure it is the right solution from an ICT perspective, operational and of course it there is money to pay for it. Sometimes however the ability to make a decision is difficult, yet at the same time tenants are the ones who are not getting the best service and we honestly have to ask ourselves, are we looking at the right solutions?

Now, back to Stewart. With an obvious dedication and passion to providing and delivering solutions in social housing over many years, and in recent times being the advocate of new and emerging tech, the growing internet of things and smart technology, we see someone who is able to cut through the existing challenges and advocate change for good.  Stewart has been a driving force for bettering the lives of tenants through technology, so he’s a perfect fit for us at DtL Creative.

Aidan is also very well known in the sector as one of the leading technologists. With DtL Creative Aidan adds an ability to stretch across many areas of technology and its application in social housing. There is a philosophy in DtL that we want to stretch thinking, generate interest and build consensus that technology adds value, brings life improvements to tenants and can make landlords more efficient and cost effective in delivering services to their paying customers, the tenants! And to deliver strategic advice in these areas, Aidan is an ideal fit.

When we add Stewart and Aidan together we get a rather impressive set of skills and experience that we know will benefit the sector. 

We are also tightening up our governance around the portfolio of systems projects. The more projects we do, the more we realise that across all of our team we have some real expertise. Sometimes there is a specific know-how from one consultant, and another in someone else. We have therefore developed a system where a specific consultant perhaps working with one customer can access the skills and knowledge of every other consultant. The trick of this. It’s real time! And it works very well. We will be honest, its so good the customer is not even aware of the work behind the scenes. With one consultant working for you, you effectively get a whole team. And to show you how this works in reality we are going to be totally transparent and show you a little snippet of some real problem solving for one specific project. 


The above is a snippet, but you get the idea. We know our stuff, and the customer truly benefits. 

We will be making further enhancements to the governance as well, and building more tools and ways of working that will only make our involvement with landlords even slicker. Watch this space.

It’s all go at DtL Creative. Watch out for us at many of the years events, and of course our LinkedIn and Twitter posts. Watch out for press releases and articles.

Lets work together to further improve a sector we believe in.