Doing things differently

Welcome to The Blue Banana, your friendly local, your centre of innovation. Here you will find all things innovative, and specifically related to the social housing sector.

Like any good Inn, all are welcome, and when you are here, live life and try something different.

But first, why the Blue Banana? Well you wouldn’t eat a blue banana, but you may try it if someone told you it was better than the yellow one.


The UnCon’s

The UnConventional Conventions, The UnCon have been a great hit. There will be more, but for now you can see the outputs and the videos from the first two, the original UnCon where we coverer a range of topics and then The UnCon 2 that focused on IoT in social housing.

Next up is the UnConventional breakfast sessions for landlords. See below.


Suppliers and their technologies

This is the bit we love. Finding great new tech, and suppliers who are passionate about what they do.

Sometimes the simplest of things can be a blocker.

Identifying all the possible technologies and suppliers is one of them.

Want to find a specific solution, or a supplier, then let us help you.

Executive guidance

Management teams need to lead on digital agendas. Knowing what is available, benefits, efficiencies, return on investments are all key, but there is more.

We run workshops or one to one sessions for executives to learn what the art of the possible is.

Transformational innovation, or Innovative transformation?

Innovation is a journey that carries with it a leap of faith, trust or simply a belief that introducing change through new and innovative solutions will be easy.

Need help in working out what to do, how to do it, and how to transform then please click below.