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About David Loudon

Dave Loudon is the owner and managing director of the social housing management consultancy DtL Creative Ltd.

Keep an eye out

You may have seen recently that we set in motion a dedicated UK wide Think Tank for ICT in Social Housing. I am glad to announce that this is now up and running. We have eighteen professionals from both suppliers and landlords, and have set an agenda and target of delivering 3 in-depth papers a [...]

One Vision

One Vision No, not the Queen song! I sometimes like to explain how I come up with an idea to the areas I write about. This time, I have to strenuously deny it was while listening to that song, not one of their best! It was instead while having a discussion with a client about [...]

The thing about housing

The thing about Housing. It is full of really clever people. It is full of creative people. It is full of enthusiastic people. And then, they go and do something like implement a new housing management system. At the very beginning of such an exercise, i.e the procurement and selection of a supplier and their [...]

Myth/slogan debunking.

We've turned detective, or perhaps we should say myth/slogan debunker. For many many moons now people across the sector have come to accept the numerous phrases we happen across almost on a weekly basis. So, the DtL detectives have put together a small list of three of those phrases, and an explanation behind them, perhaps [...]

Putting the spotlight firmly on change.

Over the last few weeks DtL Creative joined Sovereign Business Integration Group in showcasing our new Spotlight service to the sector at the IT in Housing events in London and Manchester. This Spotlight service is a single portal where anyone can see: What is happening in the area of technology in housing, providing an on-line [...]

Whatever happened to ITIL?

A lot of focus of late has been on product, product, product. Who is developing what, what the next big thing is, what platform, what front-end, is it web enabled…..and it’s all good stuff. But hold on, lets change tact a little. As an independent consultancy, always challenging suppliers (and buyers for that matter), we [...]

The truth about seminars

IT conferences in the social housing sector: Why you should have a conference policy! I’ve heard some say that seminar’s, conferences, and exhibitions are a waste of time. I’ve heard some say that there are too many. I’ve also heard a few say that they are just sales tools. And I’ve even heard some that [...]

Buying a system, think of these.

Interested in a few little unknown facts about selecting and buying a system? Well, here goes. I’ve been doing this for what seems like decades, ah, it is decades. Well, lets forget the decades, and just say I’m an old hat at this game, and you know what, it is a game. A great deal [...]

The world of integration

There has been a lot of talk lately about systems integration within the world of housing management systems. Do we integrate? Do we go it alone with one system? It seems to come across as an area of great difficulty and complexity, so let's set the record straight. This small article highlights not only the [...]

It’s all visual

Instagram as a business tool Think of this. The written word is a relatively new form of communication. In fact, when we think of communication we, as humans, think of the word as the best form of communication. We're not so sure, and here's our thinking. Transition from text to visual based mediums is on [...]