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About David Loudon

Dave Loudon is the owner and managing director of the social housing management consultancy DtL Creative Ltd.

Data, and it’s importance in the social housing sector.

In the sector we work in, data is all important. To be honest it is important in any sector. It is the lifeblood of any business these days yet we are not seeing it being utilised properly. It sits there dormant in a lot of cases. People entering data. People deleting data. People updating data. [...]

How to get your business case approved

I was speaking at a digital housing event in London recently and while fielding questions afterwards, I was asked a question that I thought worth discussing in a quick post. The question asked centred around how, if you want to embark on a change project and need to convince your management team and/or board members, [...]

Customers and suppliers – working together!

At DtL Creative, we have many years experience of working with both suppliers and customers to get the best out of change projects and ongoing relationships. David Loudon, owner and consultant at DtL Creative has worked in a senior position in an IT services company but also many years as an IT Director and business [...]

The future of Digital Housing

  DtL Creative are delighted to be sponsoring what should be an excellent event in London on the 9th of December. The Future of Digital Housing Conference - ‘Transforming housing services through technology’ is shaping up to be what we feel is the future of events in the social housing sector. Instead of the larger conferences, [...]

Change: Why complicate it?

We recently wrote a small piece about change, and due to it’s popularity, would like to follow on from this. This time we are looking towards the unnecessary need to complicate things in business, when much simpler tactics will suffice. We see too many organisations getting the timing wrong, involving too many people, involving the [...]

Change and flying by the seat of your pants.

One of the core services we provide is change management. It’s an area that means so much to the on-going success of any business, yet it isn’t embraced nearly enough as it should be. You should never stop changing, evolving even. My favourite quite is from John. F. Kennedy in one of his most famous [...]

Customers, data and the Adams Family

It’s all about the customer, oh, and the data, oh, and the channels you choose….and not forgetting the Adams Family. I have spent a few days over the last couple of weeks facilitating two of the Omfax Systems Ltd 'Your Call' events. The Your Call event is a wonderful attempt to ask the sector as [...]

Nick Fraser joins DtL Creative

We are delighted to announce that Nick Fraser of The Project Lead Ltd will be joining DtL Creative as an associate consultant, looking at strategic engagements within the social housing sector. Nick brings with him a great wealth of knowledge in the sector, from many years working for suppliers of Housing Systems, but also for [...]

Designing CRM dashboards in 5 steps

It's an inescapable trend in the sector and a good one at that. It seems to have taken the social housing community a long time to realise that the customer comes first and then to reflect this in a systems strategy. Customer relationship management is too often thought of as belonging to sales organisations. That [...]

The right message

What message are you giving when seeking a new system? Are you building: - Technical specifications. - Scope of requirements. - Specification of requirements. - Invitation to Tender. and so on. These are all names your come across in companies attempting to categorise what it is they are seeking from a new system and its [...]