About David Loudon

Dave Loudon is the owner and managing director of the social housing management consultancy DtL Creative Ltd.

Why did we ever buy this *&^&%* system?

You’ve bought a new, shiny, all encompassing, truly amazing housing management system. Or at least that is what the supplier said at the conference. It can do this and that, it can change your life forever, it can transform the way you do things for the better. However, can it? First up, of course it [...]

Surviving change – Part 2

Surviving change in social housing Part 2 is all about the role of governance.    

Surviving change – Part 1

Leadership and change

Gail Monnickendam joins DtL Creative

We are delighted to announce yet another new face to the team of consultants able to work on engagements with clients. Qualifying, in 1985 as a chartered accountant, Gail moved into industry in 1987 as Financial Controller to a group of diverse manufacturing and service companies. She then spent four years in venture capital and [...]

Jim Walker joins DtL Creative Ltd

We are delighted to announce that Jim, one of the most experienced consultants in the social housing sector has joined the team at DtL Creative. With Jim on board we are aiming to grow in our ability to deliver change management to the sector and to help our existing clients as well as new ones [...]

Data, and its importance in social housing

In the sector we work in, data is all important. To be honest it is important in any sector. It is the lifeblood of any business these days yet we are not seeing it being utilised properly. It sits there dormant in a lot of cases. People entering data. People deleting data. People updating data. [...]

A trip down data lane

I was lucky enough to chair an NHF event recently, and a big thank you to the National Housing Federation for the invite. As always, these events bring up some interesting and certainly topical areas of discussion, and it is one of these I want to look at. It’s my favourite subject; data. Or more importantly, [...]

What lies ahead

2016 was a very good year for DtL Creative, in that we increased our customer base, saw our LinkedIn Group (Housing Management Systems: Best Practice) grow with over 1500 members, and I also personally took part in a number of events, working groups and publications. After the slump in spending a few years back, the [...]

Breaking news!

Derek the digital champion

Derek is in no way based on any real people, social landlords or systems. Derek and his email challenge. Derek contemplates attending a conference. Derek tries to Tweet. He really does try. Derek posts on Facebook, or at least tries. Derek and his latest attempt at being a champion. Derek and the survey: Derek tries [...]