Improvement Services

It’s not always about new systems and their implementation. Sometimes it is about your existing systems, your systems architecture, specific interfaces. It may be that your business processes in relation to systems are needing reviewed or improved and it may be that you need to look at your ICT and Digital Strategies. We are experienced in improving all areas of ICT, Technology and business processes.

You may have a range of systems in place, and for some reason they are needing some improvements.

We have worked with many social landlords in developing improvement programmes for systems and processes. We have carried out:

  • Systems review exercises with the aim of identifying improvements that can be made.
  • Process reviews in line with systems usage.
  • Communications reviews. This could be unified communications, telephony and CRM. We’ve done them all.
  • Systems architecture reviews in line with improving the overall effectiveness.
  • Infrastructure reviews with the aim of ensuring the right hardware systems are in place for your software and services.
  • Delivery and project management of improvement programmes.

If you want to learn more about how we can help initiate things for you, then please get in touch.

There are many types of reviews you can go through as a business in relation to ICT and technology.

We can review and then expertly advise you on improving:

  • ICT strategies
  • Digital strategies
  • Systems architectures and strategies
  • Data strategies
  • PMO

We can develop your strategies. Working with you, and not preaching to you, we can get the best strategy that suits you as a business, your culture and business plans, but of course we will use our expertise to get you the best chance of success.

This could involve building and writing your:

  • ICT strategies
  • Digital strategies
  • Systems architectures and strategies
  • Data strategies

Systems, large and small work together to ensure your organisation is able to work effectively. We know social housing, and the myriad of systems available. We know how to make them work for your company and how they can deliver great customer service.

We can work with you to get more from your systems.

We can work with you to ensure they are cost effective and you get proper Return on Investment.

Well structured and designed business processes are essential if you are to have the most effective systems. We understand system design and configuration in line with processes. They may be arrears, voids, repairs, ASB…..We know them all.

We are extremely keen on ensuring landlords look at Continuous Improvement Plans with their systems. There is nothing more frustrating than investing a great deal of money only for the system to slowly diminish in effectiveness over time. You therefore need to develop a continuous improvement plan, or as we call it, the Social Housing Improvement Plan (SHIP). This is something we look at with not just improvement of the systems in mind, but aligning it to social housing’s specifics.