Implementing IT systems in social housing is something we have been doing for a long time. Not only are we experts in the Civica Cx system we know many others such as Civica’s Keystone and Abritas , Orchard, MIS-AMS, Northgate, Capita, Castleton and many others. We know finance systems, assert management, repairs and many more.

It’s not always about new systems and their implementation. Sometimes it is about your existing systems, your systems architecture, specific interfaces. It may be that your business processes in relation to systems are needing reviewed or improved and it may be that you need to look at your ICT and Digital Strategies. We are experienced in improving all areas of ICT, Technology and business processes.

Our Innovation services, ran by Stewart Davison, Director of Innovation is something close to our hearts. We truly believe in innovation being key to the future technology driven benefits in social housing. Have a look at what we can offer you as landlords, or indeed you as a supplier.

We are aware of the level of experience and expertise we carry at DtL Creative, and are more than happy to show landlords and suppliers how to go about strategies, implementations, initiatives. Skillsets, experience and knowledge are varied from landlord to landlord, so on occasion we are asked to guide, to instruct, to show how you can get started, or indeed to guide you through a project. We also cary out training and knowledge transfer consultancy.